Our Goals

Recruit and retain a diverse faculty, academic and classified staff and student populations. Increase scholarship and research productivity and their impact. Develop infrastructure and support, including innovative technology, for research, teaching, service and partnerships. Develop and maintain model collaborative ventures and partnerships. Maintain and continue to improve a climate of respect and human dignity. Model quality instruction and mentoring for undergraduate and graduate students.

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Our Courses

The most elite Online scientific academy for youth

I.B International Business
S.M Self Motivation
R.P.R Rules of Wealth and Poverty
W.B Web Designing
N.M Network Marketing
L.S.R Life Success Rules
M.C Media Courses
P.W.F Practical work of wealth

Our Motivation

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What People Say ?

Too many people go through life hating their jobs, never realizing their potential, and never following any of their dreams.

Success global academy made me reach my goals and dreams 

Omenya Boni


That’s what academic life is all about. Challenging, questioning, enjoying good people and good friends, and pushing yourself to the success.

Love you success global academy

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Tomas Boni


“Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.”

success global academy I always remember you… 

Nataila Homlen